A milestone birthday without fireworks? Impossible! So firing their TOW missiles two AH-1 "Tzefa" (Viper) combat helicopters let it rip, while two AH-64D-I Longbow Apache riddled old tanks and trucks with their guns. Additionally, the disused vehicles were mauled by exercise bombs of four F-16C "Barak" (Lightning). Other show highlights are also worth to be mentioned, such as the display of the CH-53 "Ya'sur" (Petrel) which baffled the audience with its maneuverability, or the rarely seen rocket-assisted start of a C-130 Hercules "Karnaf" (Rhinozeros) as well as the great aerobatics performance of the Hatzerim based Tzukits (license-build Fouga Magister).
The F-4 Phantom then again has vanished from stock, but in the static display you could find one of three RF-4E(S) which were flown until 2004. The air base borrowed the jet equipped with a special camera from the adjacent museum. In contrast the A-4N Skyhawk "Ayit" (Eagle) is still to be gazed in the air, but it is only operated by a squadron in Hatzerim for pilot trainings. "The-One-Squadron" was the last Israeli unit which flew the Phantom until May 12th 2004 and was disbanded thereafter. Much older are both the black Spitfire, which was kept in the country at the request of Israeli pilot legend and later President Ezer Weizman, and the Stearman which is also based in the museum in Hatzerim. These ancient aircraft are only flown on special events.