About me ...

... there's following to say:

Since my early childhood I felt a deep passion for airplanes. So at the age of 13 I started to photograph aircraft of all kinds, and I have filed the pictures. In the course of time I've enlarged my technical equipment with several Nikon cameras and adequate supplies (lenses with focal distances from 28mm to 600mm). Meanwhile my archive contains over 80.000 slides.

During my studies at Bonn University I had worked as a permanent freelancer for Germany's No. 1 space and aviation magazine Flug Revue, an editorial department of the Motor Presse Stuttgart. Predominantly responsible for the history I also delivered photos for all the other editorial departments. In addition my photos have been published in magazines like Focus and PM.

After having finished my studies I finally decided to turn my hobby into profession, and so I started an editorial trainee at the Flug Revue. Since 2002 I'm working there as an editor. Still, my passion for shooting aircraft shadows my work.